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Implementing semantically modelled linked open datasets in the Digital Humanities domain based on FRBR, RDA and the ReasonableGraph platform

Coordinated by Pantelis Brattis, System Librarian, University of West Attiki, Greece and Nikos Papazis, Developer, team, Greece 

This workshop focuses on the Digital Humanities domain. It will practically demonstrate how to best capture the knowledge in humanities research projects by utilizing semantic standards in every stage of the process. And how the outcome is vastly enriched by combining standards, input and artifacts from cross-domain disciplines, i.e. librarians, archivists, historians, sociologists, political scientists, etc. The workshop will conclude by giving the opportunity to its participants to build a sample dataset (laptop is neccesary) based on the presented standards and applications.

Target audience: librarians, archivists, humanities scientists (historians, political scientists, folkloristics, etc)

In particular the outline of the workshop will be:

  • Overview of contemporary library metadata theories, principles and standards
  • Overview of metadata standards (FRBR, RDA)  
  • Semantic data and enabling technologies: challenges and opportunities for Humanities
  • Overview of the ReasonableGraph platform: a generic web-based application that handles ontologies
  • Greek History Repository: a typical showcase of our approach 
  • Hands-on creation of a sample dataset: entries will be made based on bibliographic, archival and historical data


Library Metadata Enriching and Discovery: practical workshop on using RDA, FRBR and MARC/BIBFRAME

This workshop blends emerging principles of metadata enriching, linking, openness and filtering (Alemu & Stevens, 2015) with practical hands-on exercises on using the RDA Toolkit, MARC21/BIBFRAME and Linked Data in libraries.     

In particular, the workshop covers:

  • Overview of contemporary library metadata theories, principles and standards
  • Using the RDA Toolkit  
  • FRBRisation problems and solutions
  • Bibliographic metadata sharing, subject headings and authority control
  • Streamlining cataloguing and metadata workflows 
  • Discovery services: metadata filtering, integrated search, faceted search and serendipitous discovery   


Call for workshops, tutorials and demonstrations

Following a successful workshop entitled “Current metadata landscape in the library” in MTSR-2017, we would like to expand this to a full-day pre-conference workshop in MTSR-2018. We are therefore inviting you to submit practical workshops, demonstrations and tutorials to the workshop chair Dr Getaneh Alemu ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ).

Topics for workshop may include

  • Practical hands-on demonstrations on using Linked Data for Digital Heritage (archives, museums, libraries, galleries)
  • Practical hands-on demonstrations on ontology and metadata applications  
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Department of Informatics, Systems and Communication
University of Milano-Bicocca, Italy
Department of Informatics, Systems and Communication, University of Milano-Bicocca, Italy

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School of Information
Marconi University
Georg Eckert Institute
Department of Library Science and Information Systems
Alexander TEI of Thessaloniki

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